GeoSpot Media Announces Acquisition of Ad Infinitum Media Network:

Paving the Way for Revolutionary Advertising Solutions

(Singapore | 1st August) GeoSpot Media a leading programmatic trade desk headquartered in Singapore is thrilled to announce its acquisition of Ad Infinitum Media Network USA, Inc., an adtech solution provider based out of the US with a team of developers based out of Mumbai, India.

The acquisition will enable GeoSpot to bolster its trading desk with an inhouse Demand Side Platform as well as an experienced tech team to further develop its core offering. This event marks a significant milestone in GeoSpot Media's commitment towards delivering an exceptional service layer on top of some of the world’s best cutting-edge ad-tech solutions as a meta DSP.

"The acquisition of Ad Infinitum aligns perfectly with our vision to become the leading service providers in the ad-tech space," said Rishi Agarwal, Founder and CEO, GeoSpot Media.

“We are excited to integrate Ad Infinitum’s technology and expertise into our offerings, which will not only accelerate our growth goals but will also empower our clients to achieve unprecedented success in their advertising endeavors." said Shruti Agarwal, Head of Technology, GeoSpot Media.

“Having founded Ad Infinitum Media Network USA, Inc., in Boston, MA USA, back in 2019, and worked with an incredibly talented team to grow from scratch to where it is today, I am delighted that it has been acquired by a company sharing the same values and motives, that is taking up the challenge to build a real-world solution for businesses facing today when it comes to brand awareness and performance advertising" said Vijay Thakur, Founder & CEO of Ad Infinitum Media Network USA, Inc.

About GeoSpot Media: A leading programmatic trading desk with a team based out of Singapore and India, has been instrumental in building a service layer on top of some of the leading programmatic platforms, while delivering results for its clients across the globe. The company was founded in 2019 by Rishi Agarwal who is a serial entrepreneur and has more than 2 decades of experience in telecom and ad tech industry.

About Ad Infinitum Media Network USA, Inc: Headquartered in the US with a team in Mumbai which specializes in building solutions for programmatic advertising, real-time bidding, and precise ad targeting has earned it a formidable reputation within the advertising industry in and around US, APAC and GCC. The company was founded by Vijay Thakur who has more than 5 decades of experience in the industry along with Rajiv Nigam, Head of Tech and Strategy, Irshad Mir, Head of Products , who are both adtech veterans and been in this industry for more than a decade.